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2 options are available to you:

  • Pre-registration online. New this year, it allows you to pre-register so you do not have to come during the hours defined for registration and you avoid a queue.

  •  The typical on-site registration and instructions are given below.

Option 1 : On line

Please click on the link below:

If you come for the first time you will need to bring us between 14h and 15h before the distribution

  • Proof of income

  • Your student card

  • A proof of schooling that you will find on your Student Center or Studium. You have to be able to see that you are taking classes during the current session.

Upon your arrival at Local Local, you will have to come and ask for your pass number from 14h. Distribution starts at 3:15 pm For the comfort of all, stay in line behind the crowd posts and put away your chairs. It is forbidden to leave your belongings in the queue and to leave to return to the moment of the distribution.

Once registered in our database and documents presented, you can receive a basket each week by presenting only your student card.

The documents accepted as proof of income are as follows (only one document is requested):


  • Calculation of loans and scholarships from Aide financière aux études

  • Notice of assessment from the previous year (Quebec or Canada)

  • Proof of student loan

  • Proof of purse

    None of this evidence and you are UdeM? Request a letter of reference from the Financial Aid Office by making an appointment at 514-343-6145, room A4302 J-A desève. For Polytechnique and HEC, please contact the student department of your school.

ATTENTION: Once you have registered, your updated proof of income will be requested once a year (during the fall term) and your updated proof of schooling will be requested again during the fall and winter semesters. These measures are intended to prevent abuse and to leave room for others.

Option 2 : On-site registration

Merci à nos partenaires !


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